The ADHD Center for Success, offers comprehensive services and resources for Adults with Attention Deficit/Hyperactive Disorder and others.

Build it and they will come . . . I have been working with ADD/ADHD children since 1981 and later with ADD/ADHD adults for nearly fourteen years. Yet I only recently discovered that I was missing a next step. Have you ever had that feeling that you’ve wanted to do something more or different but lacked clarity about the WHAT and HOW? My turning point came in 2006 when I was coached to DREAM BIG and to focus on the WHAT and not worry about the HOW. That’s where the ADHD Center for Success manifested from… a dream. Albert Einstein once said, “Dreams are the previews of our coming attractions”. The ADHD Center for Success has been my dream. Welcome…

Some of you may already be familiar with adult ADHD while others may be new to ADD/ADHD and looking for information, understanding and support. This site is intentionally designed for EVERYONE – ADD/ADHD adults, significant others, family, friends & colleagues of the ADHD adult, parents, teens and college students. While ADHD is popularly known as a ‘disorder’, I choose to see ADHD as a definitive collective of symptoms, characteristics, traits and behaviors that come with both challenges AND benefits.

As you might guess, the ADHD Center for Success is still a work in progress from its earliest conception in the Fall of 2006. So, I invite you to visit this site frequently and monitor the continued development. The site will also be updated frequently with new content and benefit.

Preview of Coming Attractions:

The ADHD Center for Success will provide you with an array of ADD/ADHD news articles, updated research, informative articles, tips, TeleSeminars, TeleGroups, humor and coaching opportunities. Having adult ADHD myself, I bring to this site both my personal experience and understanding, and the benefit of my years of clinical experience. Finally, I bring you my passion to the ADHD Center for Success.

I welcome your comments, suggestions, requests, contributions and testimonials.

Rudy Rodriguez, LCSW, PCAC
Licensed Clinical Social Worker
PAAC Certified Professional ADHD Coach
ADHD Center for Success





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