• 10 ADHD Medication Mistakes Even Doctors Make


    ADHD medication rules your doctor might not know — but should — to minimize symptoms and optimize your treatment plan.

    by Gina Pera – for ADDitude Magazine

    Get Informed

    Many adults still encounter professionals whose knowledge of medication management is spotty, including psychiatrists who claim special expertise. Be a smart health-care consumer, and learn as much as you can about any medication before you start taking it. In the meantime, if your prescribing physician makes any of the following 10 statements, it might be time to talk things over or find a new doctor.

    My adult ADHD patients do best on this stimulant medication.

    Physicians who “play favorites” with stimulants don’t have a proven basis for doing so, and are gambling with your chances of success. Each of the two major classes of stimulant medications (methylphenidates and amphetamines) can work for some ADHD patients but have no effect on others. There’s no way to predict how you’ll respond to each class until you try it.
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