• 10 Ways to Get Better Sleep

    Sleep….. URG! It is a common fact that most people with ADHD struggle with sleep issues. Many find themselves busy at bedtime, often on the internet and simply procrastinate getting to bed. Others get to bed at a reasonable time but are challenged with the non-stop chatter and thoughts in their head. Further research is finding that a significant proportion of individuals with ADHD may experience sleep apnea while other research finds that we are more likely to experience a lesser quality of REM sleep.

    At the same time,  the research points to the importance and the significant benefits of quality sleep for those of us with ADHD.

    The following sleep article does not reference ADHD but it does describe some of the significant side effects of poor sleep hygiene (some of which are common to ADHD). More importantly the article describes 15 things you can do to improve your sleep. 

    As an ADHD Coach, I encourage my ADHD clients real change begins with awareness. The next step is to take ACTION. I tell my ADHD clients, “If it’s going to be, it’s up to YOU”.

    The following is my coaching to the ADHD reader:

    1. Read the article (see  link below) and notice what you notice as the article  relates to you
    2. Make a written a plan WHAT and HOW you will take action to improve your sleep
    3. Contact an ‘accountability  partner’ and declare your  intention to follow your sleep plan for 2wks, 1-mo…
    4. Report to your ‘accountability partner’ of your results (daily at first followed by every 2-3 days).
    5. Notice what changes are working and/or not working. Write down your new ‘success sleep plan’ and refer to it regularly to continue your progress. 
    6. Refer back to your ‘success sleep plan’ if you find sleep problems resurfacing.


    Read – 10 Ways to Get Better Sleep 


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