• 12 Minutes of Exercise is All You Need to Make a Huge Difference

    1360644.largeIt’s been shown to improve cardiovascular health, burn more fat than a regular workout, and even boost metabolism by up to 450 percent in the 24 hours after you do it. It’s high-intensity interval training…and it sucks.

    High-intensity interval training—which alternates between intense bursts of activity and a more moderate pace—has been proven to have a ton of health benefits…if only anyone would actually do them. As Gretchen Reynolds writes for the New York Times, “Many people don’t like them and soon abandon the program.” Reynolds cites a 2014 study that had inactive adults perform two common types of high-intensity interval workouts over the course of 12 weeks, one with 30 seconds of intense effort and one with four minutes of intense effort. The participants’ fitness improvement? “Moderate,” according to the researchers, likely because they didn’t adhere strictly to the program in a real-world setting.

    Reynolds spoke to Jens Bangsbo, a professor of physiology at the University of Copenhagen in Denmark, who noted that high-intensity workout studies at his lab produced participants who were “fitter, faster and healthier.” The difference, Reynolds explains, is that “…those studies typically had involved highly motivated athletes riding high-tech stationary bicycles and had been supervised by the scientists, who personally had cajoled the participants to complete each interval.”

    Read more: http://www.care2.com/greenliving/12-minutes-of-exercise-is-all-you-need-to-make-a-huge-difference.html#ixzz3hxS7JlvE

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