• 5 Reasons Why Motivation is Difficult to Sustain


    When it comes to having the desire to achieve something big, we all have the best intentions. We day dream about it, we talk about it to our friends and family, and we even read books about it or research it online. But good intentions don’t equal action.

    How many times have you heard friends, family members or coworkers say, “Someday, I’m going to reach this goal?” Or “Eventually, I’m going to make that thing happen?” Always said, never done. Even for people who do ending up embarking on some long journey toward achieving something, not very many of them make it.

    We’ve all been there, haven’t we? When motivation kicks in naturally, you feel like you could do anything. It’s that feeling we’ve all felt before that cause so many of us to wait around for “the right moment” to finally feel like doing something important.

    Motivation, however, isn’t something that just “shows up” quite randomly, even though it sure feels that way sometimes. Motivation is something that you generate from within yourself. And with momentum, comes even more motivation. The kinds you can sustain for a lifetime.

    Here’s what’s probably holding you back. (Plus how to get on track with staying motivated.)

    1. No plan. Without navigation directions, you can’t get to your destination. Without architectural instructions, you can’t build a house. Without a recipe, you can’t bake the most delicious cake of your entire life. You can try, but chances are you’re going to struggle quite a lot and either fail completely or end up quitting out of frustration. The same applies to long-term goal achievement.


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