• Are You Addicted to Work?

    140723164224-08-shutterstock-15445834-horizontal-large-gallery(CNN) The difference between enthusiasm for work and addiction to it can sometimes be difficult to discern, especially when it’s so easy to take work home on a smartphone or laptop.

    To find out how many people are true workaholics, researchers from the University of Bergen surveyed thousands of people in Norway using the Bergen Work Addiction Scale, which uses diagnostic criteria for several kinds of addiction.

    What is workaholism?

    This meant these people were spending more time at work than intended, working to reduce feelings of guilt and anxiety, and deprioritizing hobbies and exercise because of work.
    “In traditional addictions, it is typical that there are common underlying and maybe genetic vulnerabilities … but it has never been looked at in the field of workaholism,” said lead researcher and clinical psychologist Cecilie Schou Andreassen.

    The link to ADHD

    The researchers analyzed responses from 16,426 working adults between the ages of 16 and 75 years old who represented a range of socioeconomic backgrounds.
    They also found that 32.7% of workaholics met criteria for attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (compared with 12.7% of non-workaholics), suggesting a significant link between work addiction and ADHD.
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