• A Complete Guide to Natural ADHD Treatments

    From the editors of ADDitudewww.additudemag.com

    Omega-3 fatty acids. Behavior therapy. Zinc. Brain training. High-protein, low-sugar foods. Medical professionals recommend a range of natural therapies to augment ADHD medication. What you need to know.

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    A few words from CoachRudy

    While ADHD medications remain popular and effective for many people with ADHD, it is also important to note that other effective treatments are available. The following slide show by the editors of ADDitude Magazine will introduce you to some effective non-medicine treatments for ADHD. Many of these methods are what I refer to as ‘self’management’ – meaning that they are things that you can do by yourself and for yourself.

    I also want to point out that most of the  methods shared in this side show can also be used in addition to ADHD medications. Medication, even when effective, will not fully manage your ADHD. Medication can improve your attention/focus and decrease your levels of distractibility bu not entirely. To a lesser degree, medication can reduce impulsivity and hyper/restlessness. However, effective management of ADHD requires that you take an active role in the self-management of your ADHD. 

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