• A Holiday Rescue Recipe

    A Holiday Rescue Recipe

    Many of you have taken advantage of my coaching have likely worked hard to establish effective routines & structure. You’ve defined various recipes for success. Now, everything is in place. Right???

    The Holiday Season can be a joyous season in several ways but it can also be associated with stress and chaos, loss of daily routines & structure, poor sleep habits, over-spending and more. All too often we succumb to the holi-daze, enjoying the spontaneity of the season and do the best we can. It’s ‘all good’, right???

    Not so. When the holiday season ends most of us will find ourselves at a loss of effective routines & structure and often labor to get re-engaged and find our way again. We have no plan, no routine so we wander around until we eventually re-establish our focus and routine/structure (or not). Meanwhile, we’ve lost valuable time, focus and productivity. Bills, tasks and chores have piled up again.

    Here’s an option – A Holiday Rescue Recipe

      • Start today by taking a written inventory of specific things that you were doing before the holidays, things that were working for you. What were the effective routines and strategies that were supporting your momentum and your forward progress. Write these things down as a general Recipe.
      • During the holiday I recommend you maintain a light or skeleton structure with basic routines. This may include maintaining your target bedtime, continuing your medication at the current or temporary holiday reduced dose.
      • As the holidays approach the end, don’t wait! Start now to review your pre-holiday Recipe for Success. In the case of post-holidays let’s refer to this as your Rescue Recipe. Why a RESCUE recipe? Because once the holidays are over you want to return to pre-holiday functioning as soon as possible without skipping a beat. By re-establishing your pre-holiday Recipe for Success you are in a sense offering yourself a ‘rescue’, a floatation device of sorts.
      • The key is to restore your prior effective routines, structure, habits and momentum as quickly and efficiently as possible. This will also serve to prevent significant disruption in your life and your current progress.

    Don’t delay! Start today by taking a written inventory. You won’t be disappointed that you did. You can then fully enjoy your holiday season with full confidence that you have a written Rescue Recipe in place and ready to refer to as the holiday’s come to a close.

    Enjoy the season.

    ~CoachRudy, ADHD Center for Success


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