• ADD Relationships: Trial & Error

    ist1_4254077_perfect_happy_family1My interviews with ADD and non-ADD partners in ADD Relationships have been very enlightening. One recent interview was conducted with Shannon, a non-ADD partner. Shannon and her husband have been married for twelve years and have two young children.

    For Shannon, her ADD relationship has come with ups & downs but overall she has found a level of peace and happiness with her ADD relationship.

    There is help for ADD Relationships. Shannon shared the following lessons that have evolved during her twelve year ADD Relationship:

    • There has been a good deal of ‘trial & error’ but it’s important to ‘try without attachment’. That means if it works, it works. If it doesn’t work, it doesn’t work and don’t get attached to it working.
    • I’ve learned to not expect ‘perfection’. He may not do it the way I would do it but I’ve learned to appreciate his efforts.
    • I used to nag but soon learned that nagging doesn’t work. It’s too much like parenting. It doesn’t work for me and it doesn’t work for him.
    • I found different ways to communicate without nagging. I now write notes or leave a message on his cell phone with reminders.
    • I realized that it was not his conscious choice to NOT DO something or to not follow through with an agreement.

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