• ADHD: An Intention Disorder

    *Resource: Russell Barkley, PhD

    Russell Barkley, PhD, one of the foremost researchers of ADHD suggests that ADHD is not an attention disorder. He suggests that “ADHD is a blindness to the future… so that the child and adult with ADHD are going to wait until the future is eminent (in your face)… and then they will try to deal with it.”

    Barkley suggests that “ADHD  creates a nearsightedness to time so that the person with the disorder cannot organize to the delayed future but only to the imminent future. Thus, everything in life becomes a crisis. But the crisis was avoidable and no one has patience with this because they see this as a moral failing. ‘You could have chosen to get ready, but didn’t’.”

     Dr. Barkley also suggests that “ADHD is a performance disorder. You can’t perform the things you know how to do. People with ADHD know what to do, but they can’t do what they know”.

    “I have heard Dr. Barkley speak several times but I had not heard him speak of this before. Most of the ADHD children and adults that I work with struggle with procrastination, delaying the activation to get things done.”  ~CoachRudy

    If you’d like to hear Dr. Barkley yourself, click on the link below.

    Listen to Dr. Barkley – ADHD: An Intention Disorder
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