• ADHD and Creativity: A Double-Edged Study?

    Friday, February 18, 2011
    By: Rick Green

    ADHD and Creativity: A Double-Edged Study?

    Another ADHD myth exposed to the glare of scientific study! Only this time, research confirms what many have long maintained. People with ADHD are more creative.

    Holly A. White from the University of Memphis and Priti Shah of the University of Michigan published an ADHD and creativity study this month showing, “adults with ADHD showed higher levels of original creative thinking … and higher levels of real-world creative achievement, compared to adults without ADHD.” They also found that faced with a problem, most people prefer to study the problem or refine ideas, whereas we ADHDers prefer to generate new ideas … brainstorming (what most people call daydreaming!)

    I had always suspected some of us were more creative! An informal survey of friends in the entertainment industry reveals at least a third and maybe half qualify as ADHD. In our documentary about Adult ADHD, ADD & Loving It?!, actor Patrick McKenna shares how he became an improv comedian. His drama teacher took him to see Second City’s stage show and Patrick was thunderstruck, mesmerized by the comedians making people laugh using suggestions audience members shouted out. He felt the energy in the room and knew he’d found his calling. READ MORE

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