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    ADHD and dating –  

    After concluding a recent seminar about AD/HD Adults a nice young woman approached me and asked what I knew about AD/HD and dating. She spoke briefly about her serial relationships that more often that not ended when she became bored with her partner. This was quickly followed by the excitement of a new partner, a new relationship. Remember that phrase, “Stimulation is my friend”. While, I am very familiar with the literature and have counseled/coaching couples in AD/HD relationships I confessed to her that I was less familiar with the dynamics of AD/HD dating.  

    I’m in the process of drafting an article and teleclass on the topic of “AD/HD Dating” so I thought I’d go to you my readers for input on this topic. I invite you to share your thoughts and experiences with dating from the perspective of an AD/HD adult or from the perspective of having dated an ADHD adult. 

       1.  What did you enjoy [most / least] about dating an AD/HD adult?


       2.  If you’re an AD/HD adult, what are your biggest challenges of dating?


       3.  If a non-AD/HD adult, describe your challenges dating an AD/HD adult?


       4.  Feel free to share brief examples using only fictional first names.

    Please do not limit your comments to these questions. All responses will be dealt with confidentially so I will not reveal anyone’s identity other than first names if provided.  

    Please send your comments to: coachrudy@mindspring.com

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