• ADHD Coaching Now Available

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    ADHD adults are all unique, each having an array of personal strengths personal challenges. Unfortunately, it’s our ADHD specific behavioral challenges and weaknesses that often prevent us from fulfilling our full life potential. ADHD can have significant impact on aspects of your personal life, your career and your relationships. Yet, ADHD adults can also find experiences of success, accomplishment, satisfaction and more with ADHD coaching.

    It is not uncommon for ADHD adults to experience:

    • Repeated challenges with deadlines; arriving late to appointments and challenged to complete tasks on time.
    • Poor focus / easily distracted with certain tasks and conversations
    • Mindlessly bouncing from one thought or task to another
    • Daydreaming or ’spacing out’
    • Not prepared for appointments, tasks, meetings, or leaving home/office
    • Frequently disappoint significant others in our lives
    • Poor money / financial management
    • General disorganization of personal space and thoughts
    • Feelkng easily overwhelmed followed by periods of inactivity
    • Failures, disappointments, judgment, overwhelm, lost opportunities


    Adult ADHD Coaching Now Available ist1_5090653_retro_phone.jpg

    Are you doing the ‘same old thing in the same old way and expecting different results? Partnering with an ADHD Coach can help you to create different, more empowering results for your life. For more information click on:  http://www.adhdcenterforsuccess.com/coaching-services/

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