• ADHD is a lifelong journey

    Rudy Rodriguez, OPINION- Citizen-Times        12:10 a.m. EST November 16, 2014

    ADHD is not a new concept to the American public. For most people the thought of ADHD may conjure up an overactive busy child who is disruptive in the classroom or at home. You also may think about the child who is not paying attention and instead daydreaming, staring aimlessly outside the classroom window. However, it is now clear that ADHD can impact the lives of both children and adults.

    Here are a few facts: ADHD is a real condition affecting the lives of real, everyday people — children and adults. It is frequently a lifelong condition. Experts agree that ADHD is a neuropsychiatric condition (with distinct evidence in the brain) that affects the lives of millions of people. ADHD is no longer considered just a childhood condition. Adult ADHD was first recognized in 1991, and research estimates that 4.4 percent of the adult population has ADHD. Research further indicates that in 85 percent of these adults, ADHD is unrecognized, undiagnosed and untreated. According to Read More HERE from newspaper source

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