• ADHD Not Just Children Anymore

    The recent media news has been filled with articles and reports pertaining to children with ADHD. The most recent was Wednesday’s announcement: “FDA to examine link between food dyes and hyperactivity in children”. With all the ‘attention’ given to ADHD and children, let’s not forget that ADHD is a neurological based brain disorder affecting both children AND adults.

    Childhood ADHD has been a known entity for many years but the information regarding adult ADHD is relatively new and only now coming into the public view. FACT: there is a 4.4% estimated worldwide population of adults with ADHD. More importantly, it is also estimated that 85% of the adult ADHD population is unrecognized, undiagnosed and untreated. In fact, the DSM-IV guidelines used by mental health professionals to diagnosis ADHD were written before there was a recognition of adult ADHD. Therefore, if current DSM-IV guidelines are used to diagnose adults, it is possible that 70% or more of these adults would not meet criteria for an ADHD diagnosis.

    ADHD can have significant impact to several aspects of adult life including jobs/career, relationships/marriage, productivity, self esteem, finances and much more. It’s refreshing to see that recent media has begun to give proper attention to those of us in the world who were diagnosed with ADHD during our adult lifetime.

    Comments by Rudy Rodriguez, LCSW

    Rudy Rodriguez is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Certified Coach and adult diagnosed with ADHD. His ADHD Clinic specializes in treating  adults, college students and teens with ADHD.

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