• ADHD: The Choice is Yours

    ADHD is a given in our lives. You probably didn’t ask for your ADHD but you’ve got it anyway. Nonetheless, it’s helpful to learn to accept our own unique ADHD as it shows up in your life. During most marriage ceremonies the Bride and Groom generally recite the following words that capture their commitment to one and other …. ‘For better and for worse’.

    In the case of ADHD as in marriage, you can accept the good with the not-so-good BUT you don’t have to sit back and passively accept the worst.

     ADHD is not a CHOICE but what you DO about your ADHD is. You can begin with this formula:



    Here’s one of favorite quotes from Danielle Kennedy.

    There are THREE kinds of people:

    • The people who MAKE things happen
    • The people who WATCH things happen, and
    • The people who WONDER what happened


    What will YOU do? Will you live a life led by circumstances that show up in your life OR will you live a live led by CONSCIOUS AWARENESS followed by CONSCIOUS ACTION?

     The CHOICE it yours…..


    The formula of ‘conscious awareness and conscious action’ is an underlying theme utilized by CoachRudy in coaching adults with ADHD. 

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