Adult ADHD Virtual Online Coaching Group

There is no question… ADD/ADHD can create challenges to your life, your relationships and career. BUT, most ADD adults are also creative, innovative and talented. Learn how to ‘self-manage’ your ADD to make it work for you. Learn how to make your life more successful and less challenging.

**NEW 8 Week Virtual Online – Level #1 “Building Your Foundation”  starting Fall 2017

I have offered adult ADHD coaching groups locally for years BUT I’m now introducing my virtual online adult ADHD Coaching group. The format will be the same as my successful groups offered locally, but we are now offering the opportunity for you to join my powerful group coaching groups from the comfort of you home or office.

Level #1 – “Building Your Foundation” – Virtual Online Group

WHEN: Every Monday [12noon – 1:30 Eastern] online via Zoom technology

Zoom is the perfect group meeting technology that allows all members to join in virtually. Zoom also allows ALL group members see each other (just like being in the same room at the same time).

**DATES: (To Be Announced)

Group limited to 8-10 participants

Group facilitator is CoachRudy Rodriguez, LCSW

Level #1 – “Building Your Foundation” –Virtual Online Group

“Building Your Foundation” – is a group coaching program consisting of seven modules, each building on the next to provide you with a strong foundation for successful self-management of your ADHD.  See Overview below for more details.

“The group experience was helpful on many levels. It was encouraging to know that other adults are dealing with issues similar to mine, and it was helpful to share coping strategies. I learned from them as well as from CoachRudy.”  ~from ADHD Group member

Virtual Online Group Coaching Details:

This ADHD Group Coaching program is designed for ADHD adults who need structure, strategies and support in life, both at home and the workplace. This program is not designed for people who are newly diagnosed with ADHD, or those struggling with untreated depression, anxiety, or other conditions that may affect their ability to fully participate and commit to the coaching process.

**REGISTRATION Fees & Details : 

The Virtual Online group will meet via Zoom technology every week for eight consecutive weeks (specific dates and times to be announced).

  • Each group session will be 90-minutes and will consist of learning modules such as time and energy management, organizational skills and strategies.
    • SEE Level #1 “Building Your Foundation (See Below)
  • Each group session will also include opportunities for laser coaching sessions with group members. When one member is coached, you will soon find that all members benefit.

**In addition to group meetings, all group members will receive:

  • two – 15min, one-to-one ‘laser coaching sessions’ every month.
  • Ongoing email support and accountability check-ins
  • A private Facebook page to maintain contact, share struggles and celebrations, to share personal intentions and ask for accountability from group members.
  • A binder notebook and handouts for each session.

The group coaching format is a powerful tool that includes creating accountability and offering the opportunity to break through those key ADHD challenges that hold you back from living the life you deserve.

Additional Benefits:

  • – Group coaching offers an inexpensive way to receive personal guidance from a Professional ADHD Coach,
  • – Allows you to connect with ADHD individuals who are in similar situations
  • – Gain wisdom of others who what to see you succeed.
  • – Provide you with a team of people who will cheer you on and help you to be accountable to increase your chances of reaching your goals.

Many adults with ADHD feel isolated, overwhelmed, and judged by others. To end those feelings, the ADHD Center for Success has been offering the Adult ADHD Coaching Group. For many past participants, the group has become the ‘tribe’ where participants feel comfortable, free of judgment and at home in a group of adults living with ADHD.

Rudy was a dynamic leader in an exploratory series focused on strategies for ADHD! Even a few months later, I am still applying the tools he shared with us. I especially benefited from the group accountability during the sessions. It was very affirming & insightful to be in a close group of like-minded adults. Through Rudy’s group sessions, I was able to create a new way of approaching both personal & business conflicts and to gain an awareness of my full potential.  ~ Emily E.

Level #1 – “Building the Foundation”  – OVERVIEW

Module #1 – Establishing a Successful ADHD Foundation
Learn how to build a strong foundation for living and thriving with ADHD. Creating a structure to help you manage everyday activities and tasks is a key strategy to living with ADHD. Understanding adult ADHD. A key aspect of  the successful Foundation is Setting the INTENTION

Module #2 – Mindfulness & Awareness Training
Develop personal strategies to continue a path of success.

Module #3 – ADHD-Friendly Tools for Effective Planning & Getting Things Done Learn to use a proven tool for planning your day and week so you manage your time more effectively.

Module #4 – Creating consistent results                                                                      Create consistent results to help you be successful in managing ADHD.

Module #5 – Mindful Doing
Learn to recognize payoffs and costs of what you’re doing, or not doing.

Module #6 – The Accountability Factor
Gain tools for establishing relationships to help you succeed.

Module #7 – Open Coaching Session

Module #8 – Putting It Together
Review of the six modules. Q&A and Celebration!

“It’s hard to carve out time for ADHD coaching, but it was a VERY VALUABLE experience. It’s reassuring to discover that other intelligent, successful people share the same struggles I face. And there are strategies that make life work. CoachRudy is an exceptional coach. I recommend this process.”  ~from ADHD Group member

Many adults have been diagnosed with ADHD by a physician and taking medications to help manage and decrease the troubling characteristics of ADHD. Unfortunately, medication is often not enough for many adults with ADHD. You’ve heard the expression…

“You can give a person a fish and they’ll eat for a day. You can teach a person to fish and they’ll eat for a lifetime”.

The Next Step . . . While medications can provide you with greater focus and help to decrease your distractions, medications DO NOT teach you with the life skills to SELF-MANAGE your unique challenges with ADHD.

What if . . . ?

* What if you could find real-life strategies that could make a difference in your life?

* What if you could learn life-skills that could help to turn your life around?

* What if you could learn to better self-manage your ADHD characteristics and find greater happiness in life and earn the trust of others?

“It’s hard to carve out time for ADHD coaching, but it was a VERY VALUABLE experience. It’s reassuring to discover that other intelligent, successful people share the same struggles I face. And there are strategies that make life work. CoachRudy is an exceptional coach. I recommend this process.”  ~from ADHD Group member