• Beating Summertime ADHD Chaos

    For many people summer represents fun, leisure and travel. Similarly, for students and adults with ADHD, summertime can represent a more laid back, carefree way living. Unfortunately, this laid back attitude frequently leads to loss of productivity, being off-task, forgetfulness, and disappointing others as a result of our broken agreements.

    For the most part, our ADHD lives are more likely to prosper from a foundation of structure and basic routines. ADHD individuals often lack an ‘internal’ sense of structure and thus do better when ‘external structure’ is available or imposed upon lives (i.e. school, work and relationships). For example, most work environments tell us where and what time to be there. Work structure also tells us what to do, when it’s due and provides accountability as well. Without external/internal structure individuals with ADHD tend to meander without the distinct plan or direction. We tend to be more forgetful, less accountable and understandably less productive.

    What’s the solution?

    Here are some recommended tips to keep your life on track during the summertime.

    Establish your foundation primary structure:

    1. Take a few moments to list some very basic elements of structure that currently exists in your day-to-day life that support you getting things done, being on time and having a successful day.
    2. For instance, take notice of your bedtime, your wake-up time, specific weekly activities and habits that support you such as exercise, routine lunches, household and financial routines.
    3. I refer to this list as a ‘Recipe for Success’. When you follow your prescribed recipe you’re almost guaranteed consistent and reliable positive results.

    During the summer there is often a general loss or decrease of external structure:

    1. I highly recommend that you maintain a skeletal structure with the most basic and important routines to support you. Again, bedtime, wake-up time, and exercise are critically important.
    2. Of course, the same is true of holidays, vacations and other extended periods fit pulled you away from your foundation of structure routine.
    3. As summer comes to a close it is also important to mindfully return to your prior foundation structure and routines.

    For more help, contact CoachRudy to assist you in defining, refining and adapting your structural plan which I refer to as recipe for success.

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