ADHD Foundation Skills Group

There is no question… ADD/ADHD creates challenges in your life, your relationships, and your career. These challenges create obstacles to creativity, innovation, and talent. Learn how to make your life more successful and less challenging.

 7-Week ADHD Foundation Skills 

DATES: 7  sessions: Tuesday, March 16, 23, 30, April 6, 13, 20 & 27

6:30 – 8pm Eastern

Group limited to 8-10 participants

Location: This group will meet on the internet by Zoom eliminating geographical boundaries

      Group facilitator is CoachRudy Rodriguez, LCSW, Professional Certified ADHD Coach (PCAC) 

“ADHD Foundation Skills”is a group program for adults consisting of seven modules, each building on the next to provide you with a strong foundation for successful self-management of your ADHD.  See Overview below for more details.

“As a busy entrepreneur who just found out as an adult that I have ADHD, the “ADHD Foundation Skills group class was really helpful. It gave me lots of helpful tools, got me motivated, and it was great getting to know the group and sharing our experiences and struggles (and successes!).  I highly recommend it if you are new to ADHD and are looking for some help moving forward in your life”. ~ Erin H. 

“ADHD Foundation Skills”

This ADHD Group is designed for ADHD adults who would benefit from structure, strategies, and support in their lives at home and in the workplace.

How Does It Work?

  • Each 90-minute group class will consist of learning modules and opportunities for laser coaching sessions with group members. When one member is coached, you will soon find that all members benefit.
    • SEE  “ADHD Foundation Skills” (See Below)

In addition to group classes, all group members will receive:

  • Two – personal 30min coaching sessions.
  • Email support and accountability check-ins
  • private Slack messaging system to maintain contact, share struggles and celebrations, share personal intentions, and ask for accountability from group members.
  • A 3-ring binder notebook and weekly handouts and follow up summaries.

Pre-Registration requirement:

  • It is important that all members are a good fit for this level of coaching. We also want to know that this coaching group is a good fit for you.
  • Please schedule a 20-min Call to get to know each other before registration fees are accepted.
    • Send an email to no later than Mon, March 8 to schedule your 20-min call.
    • Please include your name, cell #, and email address. 

Registration Fee: *(Please contact me prior to registration if you have not worked with me in the past)

$560Regular Registration rate  (begins Thurs, March 11)


$525 – Early Bird Registration (Expired Wed, March 10)


$290 – Two Payment Registration – 2nd $290 pmt due at week #4).  Total = $580

ADHD Foundation Skills – OVERVIEW

Module #1 – Establishing a Successful ADHD Foundation
Learn how to build a strong foundation for living and thriving with ADHD. Creating a structure to help you manage everyday activities and tasks is a key strategy for living with ADHD. Understanding adult ADHD. A key aspect of a successful Foundation is Setting the INTENTION

Module #2 – Mindfulness & Awareness Training
Develop personal strategies to continue a path of success.

Module #3 – ADHD Friendly Tools for Effective Planning & Getting Things Done Learn to use a proven tool for planning your day and week so you manage your time more effectively.

Module #4 – Creating consistent results: Recipe for Success
Create consistent results to help you be successful in managing ADHD.

Module #5 – Mindful Doing
Learn to recognize payoffs and costs of what you’re doing, or not doing.

Module #6 – The Accountability Factor
Gain tools for establishing relationships to help you succeed.

Module #7 – Putting It Together
Review of the six modules. Q&A and Celebration!

“It’s hard to carve out time for ADHD coaching, but it was a VERY VALUABLE experience. It’s reassuring to discover that other intelligent, successful people share the same struggles I face. And there are strategies that make life work. CoachRudy is an exceptional coach. I recommend this process.”

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