• Can a Relationship Survive ADHD?

    By Ronnie Koenig

    When your partner has attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, it can feel like he is not carrying his share of the load in the relationship and family life. ADHD sufferers often have trouble listening. They may interrupt their partners, forget to keep promises, behave impulsively, be subject to severe mood swings and lack the ability to create and maintain any type of real structure — all qualities that do not make for a happy home life.

    ADHD is more than a minor annoyance. Its effects can break up marriages. In fact, divorce rates appear to be higher when one member of a couple has ADHD.

    But with the help of medication, behavioral modification techniques or both, many ADHD sufferers can form happy and fulfilling bonds with their partners. If handled with care, those relationships can last a lifetime.

    “For romantic relationships where ADHD is a factor, the biggest pitfalls are inattention and forgetfulness,” says Dr. Donald Haupt, co-author of the “The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Adult ADHD.”

    When one member of the couple doesn’t seem to be listening during a conversation or when she forgets important ...READ MORE…

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