• Claim Your ADHD Freedoms On July 4th

    With July 4th Independence Day on the horizon, let us take a moment to focus upon the concept of FREEDOM as it may pertain to the adult with ADHD.


    Emotional Freedom – Allow yourself a break by taking some time for yourself during this festive weekend. Treat yourself to something special. Take a walk in the woods. Unplug from the grind of ‘doing’ and simply allow yourself to “BE”. Spend quality time with loved ones. If you’re a single adult with ADHD, take yourself out for a special date…with yourself.


    Another means of emotional freedom is to grant yourself permission to be gentle toward self. Let go of judgment and learn to laugh at your sometimes amusing and colorful ADD ways. 


    Freedom of Time – Adults with ADHD tend to have an abundance of thoughts, things to do, projects to complete and more. Give yourself the ultimate present. There is no greater gift than that of being ‘present’ in the current moment. Shut everything else off and just be present with your current thought. Take a deep breath and allow yourself to be fully present with that special person in your life. Close your eyes and be fully present to everything that is happening within you and around you in this very moment.


    Another aspect of Freedom of Time is to learn to effectively manage your time. We each have the same amount of time so don’t allow yourself to be a victim to your runaway time. Managed effectively, you’ll find ‘freedom’ of time to engage in your favorite activities and pleasures. 


    Freedom of Well-Being – When it comes to health and fitness, remember that facts prove exercise and eating well can add longevity and quality of life. For the adult with ADHD exercise can contribute to a healthy mind and a sharper focus. The main thing is that exercise should be fun. It shouldn’t feel like punishment.


    When it comes to ‘Well-Being’, Spirit is the third component to the full triad of Body, Mind and Spirit.  Prayer, meditation, yoga and mindfulness are all healthy ways to nurture and enliven the Spirit within.


    Freedom of Self – Grant yourself permission to BE who you are. Friends and family sometimes wish us to be something or someone other than our true nature. While it’s important to ‘show-up’ and tend to our responsibilities to self and others, it’s also important to honor our ADDness. Don’t fight or resist what is. There are several gifts in our ADDness. Be grateful, acknowledge and nurture your ADDness.


    Enjoy your 4th of July celebration wherever you may be. Freedom is a wonderful thing. Embrace it dearly, for not everyone in the world will share this jubilant experience.



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