• CNN interview: Experts re-evaluate ADHD drug study


    Must watch CNN Interview

    In this News video, CNN interviews Prof. Stephen Hinshaw on why he is re-examining a 20-year-old study promoting prescription drugs to combat ADHD effects. Professor Hinshaw responds to the ongoing controversy regarding the question of over diagnosis and over prescription of ADHD medications for children and adults with ADHD.

    In response to the potential of over diagnosis and over medicating of ADHD, Professor Hinshaw emphasizes the importance of individuals having a careful and thorough diagnostic evaluation to determine an accurate diagnosis of ADHD. He also recommends a multi-modal treatment approach for ADHD which involves intensive behavioral therapy (I would add quality ADHD coaching).  He adds that serious scholars understand that it really takes skill building (coaching/therapy) not just symptom reduction (medication) to get the best outcomes for children, adolescents and adults with ADHD’.

    View interview HERE 

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