ADHD Coaching

ADHD: The Challenges and the Benefits

ADHD children, teens, college students and adults are all unique, each having an array of personal strengths and personal challenges. Unfortunately, it’s our ADHD challenges that often prevent us from fulfilling our full life potential. ADHD can have significant impact on aspects of one’s personal life, career and relationships. Yet, ADHD adults can also find experiences of success, accomplishment, satisfaction and more with ADHD Coaching.

ADHD children, teens, college students and adults typically experience:

  • Repeated challenges with deadlines, arriving late to appointments and challenged to complete tasks on time
  • Poor focus / easily distracted with certain tasks and conversations
  • Mindlessly bouncing from one thought or task to another
  • Daydreaming or ‘spacing out’
  • Not prepared for appointments, tasks, meetings or leaving home/office
  • Frequently disappoint family, teachers, managers and others
  • Poor money / financial management
  • General disorganization of personal space and thoughts
  • Feeling easily overwhelmed followed by periods of inactivity
  • Failures, disappointments, judgments, overwhelm and lost opportunities

 What is ADHD Coaching?

Coaching may be defined as ‘a powerful one-to-one relationship designed to support, challenge and partner the success of the person being coached. It involves questions, exercises and methodologies designed to explore today’s challenges and opportunities in order to create tomorrow’s successes”. In addition, the Intrinsic Coach® defines coaching as a ‘conversation that elicits best thinking and decision-making so people can create the results that are important to them”.

As your coach, I will partner with you to achieve your desired goals in life. I will help you to:

  • Create effective structure, tools and strategies
  • Achieve your desired goals (personal and career)
  • Improve or help you create effective organizational skills
  • Improve your personal relationships
  • Increase your self-awareness and self-management
  • Help you to make new choices that create your desired results

How is a Coach different than a Therapist?

I am both a Licensed Clinical Social Worker psychotherapist and I am a Certified Intrinsic Coach®. As a psychotherapist, I am focused on the individual’s emotional distress, mood disorders and such. In therapy I often focus on one’s ‘presenting problems’, symptoms and related history. As a psychotherapist I am also skilled to assess and diagnose ADHD and discuss various interventions including medications.

Coaching differs dramatically because I rarely focus on one’s history. As your coach, I look at you as a fully capable individual and with that ‘come from’ I partner with you to attain those results which you desire. While I am capable of adding a ‘coach approach’ to my psychotherapy, I do not provide psychotherapy with those individuals I am coaching. Coaching is not a replacement for psychotherapy.

ADHD Coaching Offers Several Benefits

  • Overcome overwhelm and inactivity
  • Learn specific tools and strategies to create your successes in life
  • Effective self-management
  • Organize your personal space, projects and thoughts
  • Effective management of time and prioritization of tasks
  • Complete projects and tasks from beginning to the end
  • Minimize distractions
  • Increase your mindfulness to your tasks
  • Feel better about yourself

ADHD Coaching is available to:

  • Children 12-years and older
  • Parents and teachers of children with ADHD
  • College students (locally in office and long distance via telephone)
  • adults (locally in office and long distance via telephone)
  • ADHD relationships
  • Consultation with employers and supervisors





Testimonials: What others say . . .

“While working with Rudy, I’m amazed at how quickly I’ve seen very positive results with both m y business and my confidence level. Rudy has a way of masterfully weaving very simple concepts into our sessions which quickly become quite profound changes in the way I approach my business. I’m much better able to handle not only the daily business operations but I feel much more confident about reaching new clients in a new territory I’ve entered. After sixteen years in this industry, I thought I had forever lost the excitement I once felt about my business. After just a few sessions with Rudy, I’ve had more inquiry phone calls, more client meetings and received ore business than I have in the past two years of struggling in this new market. I am **profoundly** grateful to Rudy for coaching me!!”

~Susan G., Easley, South Carolina

“Rudy’s coaching style allows me to find my own answers. He seems to put into words what I’ve known but didn’t want to admit. He’s endlessly supportive and nurturing, but firm in his approach. I always leave our sessions reinvigorated about my goals and seeing new possibilities for the future. And most of all, he reminds me that where I am, is perfect.”

~Whitney M., Nashville, TN