Level #1 – Adult ADHD Coaching Group – 8 Weeks

We’re excited to introduce our a NEW design for our Adult ADHD Coaching Group.

Level-1 “Building Your Foundation” 


Next Series starts Tues, Sept 26, 2017

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“Building Your Foundation” is designed with a specific agenda to set you up to WIN. As the name implies, this group is all about helping you to Build Your Foundation for success with ADHD. Key components of Level #1 are setting the Intention, Mindfulness and Awareness, Accountability and other important topics.  Below is an overview of the modules. 

Many adults with ADHD feel isolated, judged and overwhelmed. The ADHD Center for Success offers the Adult ADHD Coaching Group in part to break that isolation and allow participants to feel connected with other ADHD adults who share similar yet unique strengths and challenges. For many past participants, the ADHD group has become the ‘tribe’ where the participants feel comfortable, free of judgment and at home in a group with other adults living with ADHD.

The coaching group format is a very powerful tool for learning, skill building, and accountability. The group format provides an opportunity to break through those key ADHD challenges that hold you back from living the life you deserve.


“The group experience was helpful on many levels. It was encouraging to know that other adults were dealing with issues similar to mine, and it was helpful to share coping strategies. I learned from them as well as from CoachRudy.”


“CoachRudy is a highly skilled group facilitator”

I began working with individuals with ADD in 1981 when ADD was known to be a pediatric condition. Then the general thought was that only children had ADD/ADHD which they outgrew. However, in 1991, new evidence recognized the presence of ADD/ADHD in adults.* In 1993 I was diagnosed with ADHD and since that time I have made it my life’s work to learn as much as possible about Adult ADHD. Through education, training, and life experience, I have developed an expert practice of working with adults with ADHD. I have presented numerous seminars, conduct workshops, and webinars and I have amassed developed tools and strategies to assist adults in managing/taking charge of their ADHD.


Advantages of group coaching:

  • Increased Feedback –Objective feedback from others often helps promote growth and change.
  • Simulation – Observing and modeling how others handle particular issues gives participants additional coping methods and alternative perspectives.
  • Improved Social Skills – Although this is often not the main focus, groups can help an individual learn to communicate more clearly and effectively, which can enhance everyday relationships with others outside the group.
  • Cost Effective – Groups are less costly than individual coaching or therapy.
  • The group dynamic that supports people in getting into action, taking bigger risks and keeping their commitments that just doesn’t show up in individual coaching.

Other advantages include:

  •  Working together to create a wealth of knowledge, wisdom, and experience from others who have ‘been there’ or are in a similar situation.
  • Decreasing feelings of isolation and awkwardness by participating in networks and developing friendships that often last long after the group work has been
  • Coaching groups are enjoyable, uplifting and inspiring… if not down-right fun.
  • Developing tools and strategies to manage ADHD specific issues

“The insight and practical perspective provided by CoachRudy has provided me with tools that I have been able to use and to habituate that now provide positive outcomes in both my personal and professional lives. To be sure, I have ongoing challenges, but due to my work with Coach Rudy, my awareness has been raised in ways that continue to impact my life in positive ways.”


Level #1 “Building Your Foundation” – 8 Wks

Next Series starts Tues, Sept 26, 2017

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  • The 8-wk group will meet weekly in Asheville
  • Every Tuesday night; 6-7:30 pm
    • START DATE: Sept 26
  • Group limited to 6-10 people.
  • Group facilitator is CoachRudy Rodriguez, LCSW
  • Space is limited. Don’t delay. Register Today!


“It’s hard to carve out time for ADHD coaching, but it was a VERY VALUABLE experience. It’s reassuring to discover that other intelligent, successful people share the same struggles I face. And there are strategies that make life work. CoachRudy is an exceptional coach. I recommend this process.”



Level #1 Modules

  Level #1“Building the Foundation”is an 8-week group coaching program that will help to establish the foundation for successful self-management of your ADHD. It consists of seven (8) modules, each building on the next to provide you with a strong foundation to manage your ADHD.

Module #1 Establishing a Successful ADHD Foundation – Learn how to build a strong foundation for living and thriving with ADHD. Creating a structure to help you manage everyday activities and tasks is a key strategy to living with ADHD. Understanding adult ADHD. A key aspect of a successful Foundation is Setting the INTENTION

Module #2 – Mindfulness & Awareness Training – Develop personal strategies to continue a path of success.

Module #3 – Effective Planning & Getting Things Done – Learn to use a proven tool for planning your day and week so you manage your time more effectively.

Module #4 – Creating consistent results – Create consistent results to help you be successful in managing ADHD.

Module #5 – Mindful Doing – Learn to recognize payoffs and costs of what you’re doing, or not doing.

Module #6 – The Accountability Factor – Gain tools for establishing relationships to help you succeed.

Module #7 – Open coaching session

Module #8– Putting It Together – Module Review. Q&A and Celebration!


“It’s hard to carve out time for ADHD coaching, but it was a VERY VALUABLE experience. It’s reassuring to discover that other intelligent, successful people share the same struggles I face. And there are strategies that make life work. CoachRudy is an exceptional coach. I recommend this process.”