• CoachRudy radio interview on 98.1 The River

    Asheville area residents may have heard my radio interview this morning with Aaron LaFalce, morning DJ on “98.1 The River”. Aaron interviewed me about adult ADHD. As always, I enjoy the opportunity to bring increased awareness to the public about adult ADHD.

    The interview aired about 8:33 a.m. this morning. Did you hear it?? Send me your thoughts, comments or questions.

    Do I have adult ADHD?

    If you are new to ‘adult ADHD’ or new to my blogsite, please visit my link: Do I have adult ADHD? You’ll find resources, a GREAT video “ADHD & Loving It”, my article: “Understanding Adult ADHD” and adult ADHD self-assessments and more.

    Adult ADHD is a very real disorder that can impact the quality of life. Typical characteristics may include: poor attention, distractibility, frequently late (appointments, paperwork), disorganization, impulsive behaviors and challenges in both career and relationships. Check it out: Do I have adult ADHD?

    Help for adults with ADHD

    The good news is there is help available for adults with ADHD. Review the numerous articles and resources o this blogsite. You may also contact me for a free telephone consult about your adult ADHD. I offer ADD Coaching services to adults anywhere in the country.

    ~CoachRudy Rodriguez, Asheville, NC

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