• Daily Mindfulness Practices for ADHD

    Please join me at the final ADHD seminar of the Monthly Series Sponsored byMalaprop’s Bookstore.

    People often ask how to treat ADHD medication. Mindfulness offers a wonderful opportunity to self-manage your ADHD.

    Most of who struggle with ADHD will experience some level of forgetfulness, distractions, day dreaming, impulsivity and other issues that can interfere with the quality of our life (and others). Rather than having practicing present-moment-awareness we have drive-by moments when we tend to be focused instead on something that has already happened or something in the future. Unfortunately, we are not PRESENT in the moment when our loved ones are talking to us; when we set our car or house keys down; when we lay down important papers to answer the door or the telephone.

    Attend this seminar and learn how to practice Daily Mindfulness with your ADHD. The seminar is FREE.

    ADHD Seminar Monthly Series

    at Malaprop’s Bookstore

    Haywood St. Asheville, NC (828)254-6734



     Wed.  June 27, [7pm]

    “Mindfulness Practices for ADHD”

    by CoachRudy Rodriguez, LCSW

    **All Seminars are FREE   –   No pre-registration


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