• Dealing with ADHD and Forgetfulness

    Article by Eileen Baily, ADHD Central.com

    What did you forget today? Over the years I have received emails from many adults with ADHD. One recurring theme in these emails is how difficult the symptom of forgetfulness is. Of all the different ADHD symptoms, this, according to one woman, is the worst. Her forgetfulness has labeled her “lazy,” “uncaring,” “unthoughtful,” and “stupid.” She tries to remember, she says, it just doesn’t work but it doesn’t mean she doesn’t care.

    According to the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual, 4th edition, “is often forgetful in daily activities” is listed as one of

    the symptoms of inattention. Although this doesn’t mean that everyone with ADHD is forgetful, it is one of the more common symptoms. In the emails I have received, individuals with ADHD say forgetfulness interferes with their daily life. Some of the things people have forgotten:

    • “I forgot to pick up my kids after baseball practice.”
    • “I came home to no lights in the house because I forgot to pay the electric bill, even though I had the money to do so.”
    • “I forgot to get gas in my car and ran out of gas (again).”
    • “I forgot to meet my husband at the restaurant for dinner.”
    • “I forgot to set my alarm and was late for work (again).”
    • “I spent 3 hours at home doing a report for work and forgot to bring it with me.”

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