• Dump Those Resolutions!

    I want to introduce my readers to Peter Shankman. I enjoy his thinking so I try to follow his blog. Peter is a real ‘out-of-the box’ kind of guy, non-stop energy, creative and generates boundless  ideas.

    Since it is now officially the New Year 2012, I thought I’d share this posting from Peter regarding ‘annual resolutions’.

    **Here is what Peter has to say:

    Remember at the beginning of 2011, when you made all those resolutions, and by mid-January, they were roadkill? Here’s a suggestion for you this year – Don’t make resolutions. They’re not worth it. Instead, start creating rituals. Rituals last. That’s why they’re rituals! Here’s a great ritual to start: Get up a half an hour earlier each day. Here’s how to do it.

    As an ADHD Coach, I will add that I too am not a promoter of ‘resolutions’. They simply don’t work. My thinking is that ‘annual resolutions’ are simply ‘good ideas’. Like fireworks, ‘resolutions’ come on to the scene with a burst of energy and simply fade into the sunset before too long… replaced by regrets and/or the next ‘good idea’.

    Those of you who have worked with me or who have heard me speak know that I promote ‘Recipes for Success’. A proven recipe will (if followed to the letter) most often produce reliable, consistent and replicable results – whether your favorite dish or a desired behavior. I’ll write more about his in a future blog. Meanwhile dump those resolutions.


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