• Famous People with ADHD

    It is unfortunate that Attention Deficit Disorder [ADD/ADHD] is often only perceived as a disorder or a deficit. Yes, it’s true that both words ‘disorder ‘and ‘deficit’ are listed in the diagnostic description of this condition known as ‘Attention Deficit Disorder’.

    Nevertheless, while ADHD can have it’s challenges it is well documented that people with ADHD may also have the benefit of special gifts and talents. Below is an article listing a sampling of 19 famous individuals with ADHD.

    It is important that both children and adults learn the whole truth about ADHD… both it’s challenges AND it’s potential gifts and assets in life and business.

    ~CoachRudy Rodriguez

    Famous People with ADHD By Kate Goodin

    These 19 famous people have scored gold medals, started up Fortune 500 companies, starred in TV shows, won Super Bowls — and they all have ADD or ADHD.

    1. Justin Timberlake – Grammy winning singer
    2. Jamie Oliver – Star Chef
    3. Karina Smirnoff – The Ukrainian-born Dancing With the Stars pro
    4. Will Smith – Actor, singer
    5. Michael Phelps – racked up 14 Olympic gold medals
    6. Jim Carrey – Funnyman known for his zany, all-over-the-place antics
    7. Ty Pennington – energetic Extreme Makeover: Home Edition host
    8. Sir Richard Branson – Virgin Founder and adventurer
    9. Paris Hilton – socialite/heiress/reality TV starlet
    10. Christopher Knight – middle bro Peter on The Brady Bunch
    11. Howie Mandel – comedian and host of Deal or No Deal
    12. Terry Bradshaw – Former NFL quarterback, TV sports announcer
    13. James Carville – political consultant and commentator
    14. Paul Orfalea – Founder of Kinko’s
    15. Pete Rose – Major League Baseball star
    16. Michelle Rodriguez – Former Lost TV star
    17. David Neeleman – Founder of JetBlue Airways
    18. Bruce Jenner – former Olympic athlete
    19. Solange Knowles – singer, (little sister to Beyonce)

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