• Free Seminar Helps Improve Workplace Performance

    Adults with ADHD Lose Over 3 Weeks of Work Annually

    Free Seminar Helps Improve Workplace Performance

    ASHEVILLE, N.C. – Can ADD and ADHD in adults affect workplace wellness, attendance and overall job performance? Absolutely. According to a recent report in HealthDay News, adults with ADD/ADHD lose more than 3 weeks of work annually. The report cited that many adults with ADD aren’t even aware that they have a problem, making it more difficult for them to receive help. Studies show that an estimated 3% of the population suffers from undiagnosed ADD/ADHD.

    Join the ADHD Center for Success and Coach Rudy Rodriguez for a free, seminar – “ADHD in the Workplace: Maximizing Your Effectiveness”. The seminar will identify and discuss the behavioral challenges common to ADHD adults and review practical strategies to create success in life and at work. Seminar topics include ADD/ADHD self management techniques, tips for maintaining routine and structure, overcoming procrastination, overwhelm, and managing projects more effectively.

    “ADHD in the Work: Maximizing Your Effectiveness” Seminar:

    • Cost: Free
    • Date: Thursday, Sept 9th
    • Time: 6:00PM – 9:00PM
    • Place: AB Tech, Room 128 Haynes Bldg., Enka location (Course #: SBC-7916-700)

    To register in advance visit: http://www.abtech.edu/sbc/class_schedule.asp. For more information go to www.adhdcenterforsuccess.com


    ADHD Center for Success offers clinical diagnosis, counseling, coaching and seminars for adults, their family and friends. The center’s founder, Coach Rudy Rodriguez, a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and Certified Intrinsic Coach®, has been working with ADD since 1981. Rudy is Professional Member of the Attention Deficit Disorder Association for Adults (ADDA), and he sits on the Leadership Team of the Board of the ADHD Coaches Association.

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