GET IT DONE – ADHD Summer Workshop

ADHD Summer Workshop Series

Get It Done: Living Successfully


Dates & Locations

  • June 17 …… Greenville, SC – Details & Purchase Tickets HERE
  • July 8    …… Charlotte, NC –  Details & Purchase Tickets HERE
  • July 29  …… Carrboro, NC –   Details & Purchase Tickets HERE
  • Aug 5     …… Asheville, NC –  Details & Purchase Tickets HERE

Workshop Fees

  • $45 per individual /advance purchase; ($50 at venue)
  • $75 couples living together /advance purchase; ($80 at venue)

**Seating is limited. Purchase your ticket TODAY.. Don’t Delay!

Get It Done: Living Successfully with ADD/ADHD Workshop

Most people with ADD/ADHD suffer from poor time and organizational management and consequently struggle to get things done in a timely manner. They frequently report feelings of stress, frustration, overwhelm and anxiety from having so much to do and not enough time to do it. They often explain that they stay very busy but little to show for it. In time, these issues often lead to broken agreements, disappointment, distrust, and relationship conflict.

Most common complaints I hear

  • I get easily distracted and can’t stay focused to do anything.
  • My house/office is a mess and I can’t get anything done.
  • I’m late to almost everything & everywhere I go.
  • I always put things off and then find I’m behind or late.


Workshop Description and Benefits

This 3½ day fast paced and entertaining workshop is loaded with practical, easy to use strategies and tools to successfully improve your time and organizational management, and preserve sanity.  This workshop is intended for adults with ADD/ADHD, chronically disorganized individuals and others who haven’t found time management strategies that work for them.

What you will learn:

  • Why people with ADD/ADHD struggle to get things done.
  • How to put a stop to your procrastination.
  • How to reduce distractibility and strengthen your attention.
  • Highly effective strategies to manage your time and prioritize
  • Learn to have less stress and worry.
  • Enjoy more time with family, friends, and others


CoachRudy Rodriguez, LCSW is the founder of the ADHD Center for Success and specializes in Mindset & Strategy ADHD Coaching. CoachRudy has worked with ADHD clients since 1981 and was personally diagnosed with ADHD in 1993. CoachRudy blends years of clinical knowledge, ADHD expertise, coaching skills and personal life experience as an adult living with ADHD to help his clients lead productive healthy lives.