• Get Past Procrastination

     There are many possible reasons for putting off until tomorrow what you intended to do today. It is only once you know why you are doing it that you can figure out what to do about it.


       Reason    Solution
    You need more information to do the job right. Replace what’s currently on your list with a different task, such as “gather needed information.”
    It’s overwhelming to think about. Break the project down into smaller chunks. Don’t post the project name on your list, only the next step.
    The deadline is far away so you still have time. Set interim deadlines to be sure the final one doesn’t creep up on you.
    You don’t like the task. Delegate it, swap with someone else, or create a reward system for yourself. Be sure to follow through on the reward even if it’s only a fifteen-minute break to read a magazine, or this technique will become less effective over time.
    You don’t know where to start. Start anywhere. This will motivate you to continue and complete the task.
    Other priorities get in the way. Review your hopes and dreams. How important is this project to reaching them? Get clear on this so you know to move this item up the list or drop it permanently.

    Source: “The Organized Life: Secrets of an Expert Organizer” by Stephanie Denton

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