Group Training for ADHD Coaches

I am offering my uniquely designed Group Training for ADHD Coaches. Group facilitation is a wonderful skill, and groups are a great way to expand your services and increase your business exposure.

The Group Training is facilitated by CoachRudy Rodriguez, PCAC. I have been creating and facilitating groups for more than fifteen years, I have presented breakout seminars about creating, promoting, and facilitating ADHD groups to the (ACO) Coaches Conference and the Annual International Conference on ADHD.

My Group Training for ADHD coaches will provide you with the knowledge and skills to confidently design, promote and facilitate your own group for your ADHD clients (support group, educational group, coaching group, or others). My training also provides participants the opportunity to take active steps toward designing and promoting their own groups. In other words, I’m giving you the tools, and teach you how to use them, and providing follow-up support as you design and promote your own groups.

Rudy is a great coach for coaching the coach about coaching groups. He’s honest, transparent, and has lots of experience he can share. I learned a lot from this course. The class is well-run and well-organized. But it doesn’t stop there. Rudy practices what he teaches. I learned a lot from his modeling! Rudy also offers lots of follow-ups to help us get our groups off the group. Definitely take this course! -C. S.

Mark your calendar with the following dates & time

  • Wed, Sept 21, 28,
  • Oct 5 & 19 (skip Oct 12)
  • 12 pm – 1:30 pm Eastern Standard Time

Here’s a brief synopsis of my Group Training for ADHD Coaches.

  • Four 90-minute online (Zoom) training modules
    • Each session includes learning modules, group discussions, Q&A, and homework
  • Interactive format replicating the group process to give participants the experience of group.
  • A 3-ring binder for training handouts and materials
    • samples of handouts I use for my ADHD Groups
  • Opportunities to meet ADHD coaches who have launched successful groups after completing this training.
  • I am exploring approval for PAAC CE credit



Group Training Module #1

  • Benefits of group for clients and provider
  • Setting the context for group
  • Select your group type
  • Q&A

Group Training Module #2(one week later)

  • Setting group fees
  • Advertising & Marketing
  • Group registration process
  • Pre-group considerations
  • Q&A

Group Module #3

  • 3 Stages of group development
  • Getting started with the group process
  • What to do between group sessions

**NOTE: There will be a scheduled one-week break after Module #3

Group Training Module #4

  • Review Modules 1-3
  • *Bonus: How to use Zoom technology to facilitate your groups.
  • Graduates of my Group Training will share their secrets for success.
  • Q&A

Bonus Post-Training Experience:

  • As a participant in the Group Training course, you will receive three 30min post-training personal consultations
    • Available for six months following the training.
    • We will review your progress in designing and promoting your group.
    • We will review your group process and group facilitation questions
    • Opportunities are available for a more extensive personal consultation.

If you are considering adding group coaching to your practice, CoachRudy’s
group training will take you through the planning process step-by-step. I appreciate
CoachRudy sharing from his experience to help us consider different options and
to anticipate difficulties so that we can problem-solve in advance! – S M

Total Cost of Group Training for ADHD Coaches

  • Early Bird Registration is $670 (Save $75 – expires Friday, Sept 9)

Register HERE (Early Bird rate)

  • Registration: $745 This fee includes:
    • four-90min training sessions
    • three post-training personal consultations,
    • 3-ring binder and all training materials
    • audio recordings of group sessions

Register HERE

Mark your calendar with the following dates & (time TBA)

  • Wed, Sept 21, 28 and
  • Oct 5 & 19 (skip Oct 12)

Rudy’s experience in training groups helped me better prepare and foresee opportunities and challenges in sessions. I now feel more confident in preparing the sessions and following up with clients so that they feel empowered and energized to pursue goals and dreams. I am also more confident in using group coaching as a tool to grow my business and, more importantly, to support a broader audience of the ADHD community.  – A. B.

**Feel free to contact me with any questions: