• Help! I’m Stuck In ADD Overwhelm

    Most children and adults with Attention Deficit Disorder (ADHD) know the feeling of overwhelm. It’s that place we go to when we’ve overextended ourselves, when we’re multi-tasking to our max yet having trouble keeping up. This is when stress gets the better of us, and more. Maybe you recall that old expression, “Stop the world, I want to get off”.

    It goes without saying that we love stimulation but there are those times when we receive too much stimulation and become overwhelmed by it. In general, we tend not to be the most organized person so there are those times when we get stuck; can’t move forward, can’t move back. Do you know the experience of approaching today’s designated TO DO task but all you can see is clutter, disorganization, piles of prior incomplete tasks and suddenly you experience that sensation slowly creeping up and you can’t figure out where to start. Yes, that is overwhelm.

    By the way, are you on target to complete and mail off your taxes before April 15? If you managed to keep organized financial records then preparing your taxes may have been a simple task. If on the other hand, you are challenged by organization and paperwork then you may have experienced overwhelm even at the thought of your taxes. Then you may have also felt your blood pressure or anxiety on the rise.

    Symptoms of Overwhelm
    • Brain freeze – can’t discuss, can’t problem solve, etc
    • Tired, sleepy, poor focus, increased irritability
    • Running in circles, busy but poor productivity
    • Depressive and stress related symptoms

    How to manage overwhelm?

    I offer several coaching solutions to manage overwhelm but here’s one of my favorites. Develop a “Recipe for Success”. Do you have a favorite kitchen recipe? When you follow your recipe and utilize the proper ingredients in the proper amounts you are nearly guaranteed to create your favorite dish with a reliable outcome. That’s all you do with your “Recipe for Success”.

    Your Recipe for Success!
    • Know your desired outcome

    • Determine the ingredients necessary to create your desired outcome
    • When creating your recipe, consider what’s worked in the past
    • Your recipe MUST be written and kept where that you can easily find it
    • Post recipe in calendar or organizer; review on 1st day of every month

    ~CoachRudy Rodriguez, LCSW

    Get help with ADD overwhelm TODAY! 


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