• How ADHD typically affects women

     By Tammy Worth
    WebMD Feature

    A girl with ADHD may be labeled Chatty Cathy – the enthusiastic school-aged girl who is always telling stories to friends. Or she could be the daydreamer – the smart, shy teenager with the disorganized locker.

    But what happens when she grows up? Or when her ADHD isn’t diagnosed until she’s a woman? Is her experience different from what men with ADHD go through?

    ADHD has not been widely researched in women. Much more is known about how it affects children. However, there seems to be some patterns that differ between men and women with ADHD. Women with ADHD are more prone to eating disorders, obesity, low self-esteem, and depression and anxiety. But they do in the general population, as well. Read More – Women & ADHD

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