• How to Pick and ADHD Therapist…

    “How to Pick and ADHD Therapist Who’s Right for You”

    Associate Editor, Psych Central.com

    Medication is highly effective for treating ADHD. But it can’t teach you skills for living successfully with the disorder. And it can’t help you overcome common co-occurring concerns such as low self-esteem. That’s where psychotherapy comes in.

    Psychotherapy targets specific ADHD symptoms that interfere with daily life, such as disorganization, distractibility and impulsivity. It helps you better understand your ADHD and improve all areas of your life, including home, work and relationships.

    But not all therapists are created equal. That’s why it’s important to do your research, and be selective. Below, two ADHD experts share their tips on finding a good clinician. Read More…

    CoachRudy Rodriguez is  an ADHD Coach and Licensed Clinical Social Worker specializing in ADHD. He is the Founder of the ADHD Center for Success in Asheville, NC. He has been working with ADHD since 1981 and he was diagnosed with ADHD in 1993.

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