• Is Sunshine Enough? Vitamin D and ADHD

    soaking-up-the-sun-300x225Vitamin D Benefits and ADHD

    by Laurie Dupar

    Daily, I take my vitamin B’s, vitamin C, but vitamin D? 

    A couple of years ago a routine blood test showed that I had very low levels of vitamin D.  You know, that vitamin that is produced automatically in our bodies when we are in the sunlight?  Having lived in sunny California for over a decade, it was one of the health concerns that I had never worried about.  However, my low level of vitamin D seemed to concern my doctor… a lot. Apparently research is now uncovering that the importance of vitamin D goes well beyond bone growth, a healthy immune system and calcium absorption.  It is starting to be appreciated as an essential micro nutrient in the overall wellness of our brains especially in increasing our impulse control, pro social behavior, memory and planning…ADHD symptoms anyone?

    Which got me thinking – if I could have vitamin D deficiency living in what most would agree is one of the “vitamin D capitals of the world,” then what about all those people with ADHD who lived where the skies were not always so sunny?

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