• Live – Adult ADHD Seminar

    It is now believed that between 2 to 7 percent of all American adults suffer from ADHD. Yet, many people do not understand how adult ADD/ADHD differs dramatically from child ADD/ADHD.

    This seminar will be presented in two parts:

    Part1 – [Tues, March 11] – Understanding Adult ADHD: The essential features of Adult ADD/ADHD and its impact to career and relationships.

    Part 2 – [Wed, March 12] – Managing Your Adult ADHD: ADHD adults frequently find themselves stuck, unproductive and unable to get ahead in life. This interactive seminar will discuss a variety of challenges common to ADHD adults and will review practical strategies and tools for success in key areas including: self management, routine and structure, overwhelm and how to manage projects effectively.

    Both seminars are free and will be held from 6pm to 7:30pm in the private dining room at the Harris Regional Hospital, in Sylva, NC.

    Seating is limited. To pre-register call 586-5555.

    ~ CoachRudy

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