• Memory Enhancement

    While coaching an adolescent client, he informed me that, “I don’t really have problems with organization. I have trouble with memory, remembering to do things”.

    Memory problems for the ADHD individual may be linked to deficiencies in our brain. It may also be attributed to simple boredom, lack of interest and/or distractions that prevent us from being fully ‘present’ to events in the moment. We really can’t expect to remember much if our mind is somewhere else.

    I’ve listed a few simple suggestions to enhance your memory.
    1.    Diet, healthy foods
    2.    Supplements: Ginko Biloba, Omega 3

    3.    Exercise – cardio: WII-2, running, swimming, aerobics, fast
    walking, see Dr. John Ratey’s book: Spark.
    4.    Routines/recipes for success, linking behaviors
    5.    Mindfulness – being engaged and present, mindfulness bells
    6.    Memory jogger – written notes, audio recorder

    Our brain (memory) is like a muscle. You have to use it, exercise it and feed it for best results.

    Please feel free to comment, share your thoughts and experiences.

    ~CoachRudy, Asheville, NC

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