• Menopause & ADHD Drugs

    untitled (10)By Stephanie Stahl

    PHILADELPHIA (CBS) —   An unlikely treatment for women who have trouble with memory and focus, related to hormones.

    Leigh Costigan says her recent wedding was flawless a result of careful planning.  She credits remembering all the details to a drug she and her new husband now joke about.  “He teases me that if he forgets something he doesn’t take memory pills, but I do,” Leigh says.

    The drug she’s taking Vyvanse is primarily used to treat A.D.H.D. attention deficit hyperactivity disorder.  But new research from Penn Medicine found it can also help improve cognitive issues related to menopause.  Leigh says, “I was forgetting things that I would have never forgot before and my attention to detail was slipping. It became very frustrating.”

    She’s not alone, millions of women experience difficulties with memory, focus, and organization related to menopause. Those symptoms can show up in the mid-40’s along with other symptoms like hot flashes and insomnia.



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