• Mindfulness and ADHD

    There has been much written lately about the benefits of Mindfulness for ADHD.  There are actually some studies being conducted at Duke University on the utilization of Mindfulness Meditation to increase focus and decrease distractibility for ADD.

    What is Mindfulness? Mindfulness can be thought of as simply bringing awareness to the present moment. However, Mindfulness is more than simply sitting in a meditation pose on a cushion and being mindful in that moment.  Mindfulness is truly bringing ‘present moment awareness’ into every moment… while eating, walking, working and even during multi-tasking.

    In today’s busy culture, we are inundated with information and stimulation. Those of you who have heard me speak know that I am fond of saying of ADHD adults that, “stimulation is my friend”. We love stimulation… but we can also get too much of a good thing. As a society we have television available to us 24hrs per day. We have the Internet which provides us with an endless source of information at our fingertips – but this too can be a ‘rabbit hole’ for adults with ADHD. Children and adults alike are increasingly challenged regarding focus, attention, distractibility and more. Of course, all this stimulation makes it difficult to maintain any degree of Mindfulness.

    Mindfulness and meditation teaches us to look inwards for our answers. Tonight I read an article regarding a particular practice of meditation and mindfulness that tells us that our answers are already within, that we already have everything we need within ourselves. So, Mindfulness is about getting quiet, about noticing and about bringing awareness to every thought and every action we take.

    As I sat in quiet and stillness tonight, I realized that it is possible for me to quiet my mind and my environment even more. I had already disconnected my cable television and found a surprising peace of mind and spirit in doing so. Tonight in meditation, I learned that quieting my mind, slowing my mind, slowing all my actions and all of my thinking is another step in the self management of my ADHD.

    **For those interested in this topic, I have several additional articles in the works regarding Mindfulness and ADHD.

    ~ CoachRudy

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