• Mindfulness Tips for adults with ADHD

    This is the second article in a series on “Mindfulness and ADHD”. I’ve previously mentioned that, “Mindfulness is truly bringing ‘present moment awareness’ into every moment… while eating, walking, working and even during multi-tasking”.

    Of course, adults with ADHD frequently experience disorganization, forgetfulness, distractibility and more. Attention deficit or poor attention and focus are significant elements likely at the root of the matter. Thus, bringing mindfulness or ‘present moment awareness’ into the moment can help to overcome or at least reduce these most common challenges.

    It’s a common experience that the adult with ADHD is often entertaining several thoughts at one moment. We tend to have what I refer to as ‘drive-bys’ with the experience. In other words, rather than taking time to greet and fully engage with another individual, the ADDer may be running late, in a hurry so the ADDer instead offers a passing greeting and continues walking. The ADDer is experiencing rushing/passing thoughts rather than give full and complete focus to a single thought.

    Bringing Mindfulness to the moment means that you consciously take your time, you slow down. Take a moment and offer your full and undivided attention to the person you are greeting.

    Here are a few simple Mindfulness tips:

    • Be Mindful when you set things down so you can find it later. Take a moment to be aware as you set something down. Try doing this in slow motion.
    • Identify a specific ‘home’ for important objects (keys, cell phone, etc). This implies taking the moment to be aware that you place objects in their rightful home.
    • Mindfulness Bells – I often recommend the use of digital timers, bells, watch timers or computer timers. The bell is intended to bring your awareness back to the moment. You can then ask yourself if your focus is on task or if you have wandered off into “never-never-land’.
    • Be Mindful during conversation with others. Slow down, take a deep breath and practice offering your full focus to the other person and the conversation. Ask questions and offer comments to keep yourself engaged in the conversation.

    Daily Mindfulness Practice 101:

    Practice Mindfulness by bringing your ‘present-moment awareness into the following daily activities:

    • while showering or bathing
    • while brushing your teeth
    • while driving
    • while eating
    • while reading

    **For those interested in this topic, I have several additional articles in the works regarding Mindfulness and ADHD.

    ~ CoachRudy

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