• Money management problems of ADD / ADHD adults

    Many adults and couples do not realize how ADD/ADHD can impact their money management, and more importantly, their long- term financial planning.  

    However, the truth is that the ADD / ADHD symptoms of procrastination, disorganization and impulsivity can interfere with good money management.

    AD/HD adults often report the following money management challenges:

    • forget to pay bills 
    • run up huge balances on their credit cards
    • cannot save money
    • are unable to follow through on long-term financial goals
    • shop impulsively
    • have difficulty keeping financial paperwork in order
    • fail at budgeting and recordkeeping.

    Personal or family money management can obviously have a devastating impact on your future so it’s important to address this as soon as possible.

    • Ask for help. Consult an accountant or bookkeeper
    • Have someone else keep your books and/or pay your bills.
    • Consult with your local public agency to establish a realistic budget and contact your creditors.
    • Design a realistic and effective plan to pay your bills and address your debt.
    • You might destroy your credit cards and replace them with debit cards from your banking institution. 

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