• New Year’s Resolution: Wish or Goal?

    untitledBy Eileen Bailey

    The first week of the New Year has come and gone. Did you make a resolution? If so, have you made it this far or given up? If you have given up, you have plenty of company. Last year, I wrote about Dr. John Norcross’ research. He found that almost one-half of adults make a New Year’s Resolution but only about one-half of those people follow through. There is many different reasons that resolutions fail, such as: You made the resolution because someone else wants you to change You didn’t create a plan of action Your resolution was too general You don’t want to or aren’t ready to make a change Your goal is not realistic Don’t worry, change doesn’t need to start on New Year’s Day. The good thing about waking up each morning is that you are granted a new day…a new beginning. Whenever you are ready to make changes in your life you can.

    Your goal must be your own. You need to make the decision to change. It is much more difficult to make changes in your life because someone else believes you need to improve some area. For example, suppose your spouse believes you should be more organized. You know that organization isn’t your strength but at the same time, you have been going along in life okay so far. You spend too much time looking for your keys but have never lost your kids (at least not for long) and somehow or other, the household chores get done and bills are paid. Your system may not look like much but it seems to work for you. Even so, your spouse keeps telling you life would be better if you were more organized. So you decide to become more organized this year. Chances are, this isn’t going to happen. Before deciding what you want to change, ask yourself: Are you really motivated to change? Are you trying to please someone else? How is this going to improve your life? If the goal is your own, then you have decided this change is something you want. You will be more invested in following through and making sure it happens.

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