• Organize Your Mind, Organize Your Life

    Organize Your Mind, Organize Your Life – By PAUL HAMMERNESS, MD AND MARGARET MOORE

    Book Reviewed by SHANNON FITZGERALD

    A wonderfully executed book which sets out with the lofty objective of organizing and taming our society’s fast-paced lifestyle, Organize Your Mind, Organize Your Life is a true prize in its class of literature.  It’s extremely thoughtful in its prose, giving the reader countless images and examples to better understand the relevance of the scientific information presented.

    The authors — an assistant professor of psychiatry at Harvard’s Medical School and assistant psychiatrist at Massachusetts General Hospital’s Department of Psychiatry and “Coach Meg,” the founder and CEO of a leading corporation which focuses on building international standards for professional health and wellness coaches — offer a very holistic approach to decreasing the frenzy that so many of us encounter in our daily lives.  They complement each other wonderfully. Dr. Hammerness (the professor) usually approaches the reader head-on, lobbing out new tidbits of scientific research and trying to get the reader up to speed on the ever-evolving field of neuroscience.  Coach Meg, on the other hand, greets us at the end of each chapter in a more “nitty-gritty” manner, giving us practical steps to take on our journey toward less chaos.

    Each chapter walks the reader through a clear and concise look at one “Rule of Order,”  


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