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    I wanted to share a recent Q&A interview I had with the Mountain Xpress Wellness Editor, Caitlin Byrd. This article was publised in their ‘online’ publication of the Mountain Xpress on June 24, 2102. There are a few inaccurate words in the article but the content holds true to the interview.  I hope you enjoy.  ~CoachRudy

    Q&A with ADHD Coach and Therapist: Rudy Rodriguez

    by Caitlin Byrd – 06-24-12

    Mountain Xpress: What does it mean to be an ADHD coach and therapist?
    Rudy Rodriguez: As a therapist, I specialize in working with ADHD preteens, teens, college students and adults, but the coaching methodology is different than therapy. Coaching is partly skill-building, and partly about asking questions that elicit their learning-style. It’s about teaching important and basic skills so that people with ADHD can learn to self-manage regardless of their medication.

    Can you give us an example?
    Sure. We have deadlines and things to do and putting it off or this or that, but we have to look at what’s the payoff. In children and teens, you often ask a question their first answer they will say is, “I don’t know.” So I’ll ask them, “What if you did know?” It’s amazing how they tap into a different part of their thinking.

    Some people believe that ADHD is over-diagnosed. What are your thoughts on this?
    There is over-diagnosis in pediatrics in ADHD, yes. In adults, however, the statistic I came across a year ago is that 85 percent of adult ADHD are unrecorded, untreated and undiagnosed.


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