• Seven High-Peformance Tips for Adults with ADHD

    Business man writing, scheduling in paper organizer, calendar

    Business man writing, scheduling in paper organizer, calendar


    Seven High-Performance Tips for Adults with ADHD

    Being more productive doesn’t necessarily mean working longer hours or working faster. To me, it means working more efficiently and effectively. Below are 7 tips that I teach my patients to help them be more productive.

    Since I specialize in Adult ADHD, many people with our without Adult ADHD come to me to address issues of achieving their goals and improving their productivity. Here is what one person noted after she worked with me:

    “As an update, I have been a lot more proactive with the job search. Last week, I pounced on a job posting, networked to find contacts in the organization, and was called in for an interview days later.”

    Below, I provide you with seven high-performance tips that I have used to help many people with Adult ADHD.

    1. Create Your Schedule The Night Before

    Many people start their work day spending a lot of time trying to figure out where to start, surfing the Internet, or chatting with colleagues. A great way to start your day with a bang is to write out a schedule the night before. This is not your calendar, but …

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