• Take Control of Holiday Spending!

    ADHD adults lives are often hampered by impulsivity that contributes to poor finances, overspending, high credit debt, high-risk loans and subsequent stress, overwhelm and conflict in the home. The holiday season can be particularly challenging with the endless opportunities for spending and gift buying.

    This year, start your holiday shopping with a spending plan! OnTrack Financial Education and Counseling Center has published a  timely and informative article to help you manage your holiday spending. Read “Take Control of Holiday Spending” CLICK HERE

    NOTE: This is a great article BUT I would add one suggestion. DO NOT use the holiday season as an excuse to purchase something for ‘yourself’. This is a critical area of overspending – shopping for others (within your Holiday spending budget) BUT falling prey to the holiday marketing to spend on yourself (not included in your Holiday spending budget).

    Some wise person once said: “Those who fail to PLAN, plan to FAIL”. This year plan your holiday spending in advance to avoid the many financial pitfalls of the holiday season.

    Happy shopping…



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