• The ADDing Thing

    You have probably noticed the tendency of adults with ADHD to expand thoughts, ideas, options and more. For Instance, you may conceive of a single idea or thought and then suddenly find it expanding into multiple ideas and options. Could this somehow relate to the challenge that many ADDers have with being decisive? Also consider the challenge of completing a specific project or task when your mind or your attention expands into alternate ideas, options, and/or new thinking.

    In a general sense you may think of ADDers as having a tendency to ‘make many from one’, to expand, and branch out or take one idea and create multiple ideas or options from the original thought. Whereas, in general, non-ADHD individuals have a tendency to ‘make one from many’, they contract and zero in.

    Of course, you’ve heard me say many times that we ADDers love stimulation. I was coaching someone last week about her desire for a new job for herself. She came to the call with two distinct ideas then began to add-to or expand her options. We discussed that while this was a creative (stimulating) process for her, this practice unfortunately also served to distract herself from her primary focus. I recommended that she consider removing items, ideas and possibilities from her list rather than adding more to it. We laughed at the ADD-ing behavior common to adults with ADD/ADHD.

    Here’s some helpful tips:

    1. Brainstorm or MindMap several ideas then link thoughts and ideas to the major topics or themes.
    2. Once you complete this task explore the benefits and downsides of each option; the pluses and minuses, etc.
    3. Next narrow your focus down by eliminating all but two options. Then give primary focus to only those two options. It’s best to not focus on other options unless you decide to rule-out or eliminate one of your two primary options.
    4. Your final step is to further narrow your focus down to a single option. as above, give this option your full undivided focus to it’s completion or until you decide to rule-out this primary option and replace it with another.
    5. Be mindful of the ADHD tendency of ADD-ing rather than eliminating options.

    *Share your comments, stories and experiences with the ‘ADDing thing’.

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