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    Children and adults with ADD/ADHD tend to be BUSY-BEES but unfortunately, are much less likely to very effective, time-efficient nor productive. As a result we may spend more time working at tasks or chores than those who are organized and efficient with their time. Then, of course, we have a tendency toward procrastination which may be followed by the ‘last minute’ adrenaline driven rush mode.

    Many of us with ADD/ADHD spend much of our time rushing, trying to catch up or simply trying to keep up. In doing so, we often become DO-ing machines thus, frequently neglecting our personal lives and personal self-care. “I really want to get to gym today but I have a busy schedule and don’t have time”. Does this sound familiar?

    I encourage you to find a personal balance between what’s important to you personally and what’s important to you professionally. Constantly evaluate your TO DO lists to make sure you’ve included items that may improve the quality of your personal life as well as your professional life.


    A healthy balance requires that sufficient attention be placed on both your personal life and your work professional responsibilities.


    I find that there are TWO ways to live. The most popular lifestyle is the DO-BE-HAVE or… the DO-HAVE-BE model. These individuals live with the belief that, “if I just DO… (fill in the blank) then I’ll HAVE (success, happiness, etc) then I’ll BE… (fill in the blank)”.

    I prefer the option of living from BE-DO-HAVE way of BEing. This option advocates that you focus on your way of BE-ing (at peace, mindful, happy, joyous, joyous, etc). Then allow your way of BE-ing inform your way of DO-ing (how and what you do) everything. Finally have your BE-ing and DO-ing inform what you now HAVE. hmmmm…(deep breath).

    How does this inform your thinking at this very moment,your day, your life?


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